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Citizens speak out at council meeting

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In the regular meeting of the Dalhart City Council on Tuesday, February 12 a group of approximately 30 citizens filled the back corner of the meeting room at City Hall. The group attended the meeting to discuss the fate of the case against Karrie Ann Calfy Arroyo, confessed animal hoarder.
Marcy Willis, local business owner spoke for the group of citizens. She explained she had customers come into her store that had recently moved to Dalhart. Willis stated the couple asked her, “Is Dalhart not pet friendly?” Willis continued by saying that Dalhart had recently and regularly made the Amarillo news stations. Willis brought to light the groups concerns regarding the abuse of the animals and the children associated with Arroyo.
Mayor Kevin Caddell replied to Willis’ concerns by stating, “Yes, we are pet friendly.” Caddell implied that some of the negative publicity Dalhart had recently received was due to the media and social media.
Dalhart Police Department (DPD) Chief, Gary Sinclair joined in the conversation and added that County Attorney Jon King had contacted him early on Tuesday and wanted to be present at the meeting to answer questions regarding the recent cases filed by both the City of Dalhart and Dallam County Sheriff’s Office.
King explained to the group of concerned citizens that the case was actually moving faster than usual and that it is not a practice to reduce charges on individuals but to review the case and increase the severity of the charges filed. King also stated, “I have cases involving humans. This involves animals.” The subject was brought up by a member of the citizens present regarding Child Protective Services removing and subsequently returning Arroyo’s three children. Sinclair fielded this question by stating, “The matter has been turned over to a Child Advocacy Center in Amarillo.” King also stated that there were measures that could be taken to prevent Arroyo from owning any animals during the period of time the charges are being filed and prosecuted.

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