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Jotting Judi - I Knew You Would Come!

Posted by: tdt -

Our pastor’s son had the misfortune of having his home broken into on Saturday night.  Fortunately, he and his family were away at the time.  Unfortunately for the burglar, they came home and interrupted his plan.
The call came to our pastor’s home informing them of the incident.  Patty relayed the message to sleeping Pastor Ken and told him she was going to pick up the children.  Without a moment’s thought, he told her to wait a few minutes while he got dressed so he could go along. When they arrived and their son opened the door, his eyes meet his father’s and he said, “I knew you would come.”
Five beautiful words packed with confidence.  You’ve heard them. Sometimes they are stated just a tad different and sometimes they are said in a glance. “Thanks for coming.”  “You came.” “I knew it!” “Am I glad you’re here.”  They all mean the same; that comfy feeling that warms the cockles of your heart. Sometimes in those moments of unbelievable grief or fear, those words, “I knew you would come,” are followed by a huge sigh. Tenseness fades and the “all is well” flag is waved.
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