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Jotting Judi - In the Beginning, God…

Posted by: tdt -

Mia was hanging around the door again; her signal that she would like to go outside.  I have tired of this little chore since Chalmer fell and broke three ribs and we have been stuck in this second floor apartment much longer than we thought. We have been waiting for the paperwork to get finished so we can have a house.  I miss the convenience of her little doggie door that allowed her to come and go as she pleased.  Still, I bundled her up in her little plaid coat, donned my winter apparel and stepped out to face the 14 degree temperature. She pranced across the blacktop driveway dragging me to her favorite spot located just behind the row of garages.
Rounding the corner of the building a cold gust blasted me in the face and took my breath away.  I bowed my head and buried my face in my coat.  I looked up just in time to catch a glimpse of young doe on the path ahead.  The gentle falling snow was landing on her thick coat and the ground around her feet glistened like a million diamonds.  It was no longer the cold that took away my breath but the incredible scene I witnessed. She turned, waved her large white tail and began her decent down the steep hill. I watched her for a long time as she gingerly picked her way through the pine trees and stopped a safe distance from me. She put her head down and began to scavenge the ground for something to eat. Satisfied, she slowly moved on.
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