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Three to four predicts Rita Blanca Rocky

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Dalhart’s own Rita Blanca Rocky spent the entire year in training for the 2013 Ground Hog Day. Rocky’s rigorous training included gallons and gallons of ice cream consumed on a nightly basis.  Rocky’s favorite flavor of ice cream is none other than “Rocky Road.” He just can’t quite make out why it’s called “Road”, he is forbidden to cross the street alone. Rocky also kept up a painstaking exercise program which included and was limited to, running up and down the three steps to climb in and out of bed for morning catnaps, siestas and evening slumber to enhance his beauty routine. Also there is that occasional run from his owner and Publisher of the Dalhart Texan, Susan Clay with the electric bill in his mouth after Clint slides it through the mail slot.  
Rocky required a full day at the spa for pampering and intense massage. Ms. Betty, Rocky’s personal hair stylist and manicurist gave Rocky the royal treatment to ensure he was picture perfect for Saturday’s celebrity appearance.

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