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hree jurisdictions’ rules for fireworks

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By Robin Scott

    Residents living in the Dallam/Hartley Counties area and within the city of Dalhart may need to consider the rules, regulations and bans for three different jurisdictions:  Dallam County, Hartley County and Dalhart, before purchasing and setting off fireworks this year.

    Both the Dallam County and Hartley County Commissioners Courts have reported that no burn bans are currently in effect.  People choosing to set off fireworks outside the city limits of Dalhart and within Dallam or Hartley Counties are prohibited from setting off any incendiary device on any county right-of-way, roadway or highway.  Last year a fireworks ban was in place in both counties; however, no bans are in place this year and fireworks may be used in the unincorporated areas of the counties.  

    Sheriff Bruce Scott with the Dallam County Sheriff’s Office stated on Tuesday that anyone who sets off fireworks on county roadways or on county right-of-ways will be cited, and he also suggested that permission from a landowner is required before setting off fireworks on someone else’s property.

    All fireworks are prohibited within the city limits of Dalhart.  Residents of the city of Dalhart may not set off fireworks within the city at all.  Shooting off fireworks within the city is illegal and officers will cite anyone who violates the ordinance.  As a reminder, fireworks may not be set off on any city-owned property, such as the Rita Blanca area.  Illegal fireworks include handheld sparklers.

    The Dallam and Hartley Commissioners Court, Dalhart City Council, Dalhart Fire Department and the Dalhart Police Department all urge residents to use extreme caution when igniting any incendiary device, or when in the vicinity of any fireworks being set off.  No fireworks within the city limits of Dalhart, and common sense in the unincorporated county areas is expected of every resident or guest within Dallam and Hartley Counties this 4th of July.