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Jotting Judi - What in the world just happened?

Posted by: tdt -

For most, Christmas 2012 is history. The dumpsters are filled with bedraggled Christmas trees, crumpled wrapping paper and empty boxes.  All those amazing yard blow-ups are lying in a heap. The few Nativity scenes that managed to make it past the “new rules” have been stored away. Wreaths no longer hang on the doors. No one plays or sings Christmas carols. Prices are slashed to rid the stores of leftover Christmas items. All too soon we forget the place and the person Christmas represents.
What in the world just happened? What difference did it make anyway?  How were you affected?  Will it change you in anyway?  Christmas is over only if you choose to let it be over. It is up to you! You can choose to believe and live His story all year long. It can satisfy your longing as nothing else can do. God chose to reveal Himself as a little baby.  How unconventional!
It might have been easier to believe if He would have galloped in on a white steed and conquered the world!  No way! Instead, His pregnant mother rode in on a donkey and rocked Him in a manger. And God said, “…of His peace there shall be no end.”

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