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Jotting Judi - More than Conquerors

Posted by: tdt -

I was reading in the book of Joshua about the Jordan River crossing.  The Israelites could see the Promised Land from where they were camped but they had a huge problem; the river had to be crossed.  If that was not bad enough, it was flood season and the water looked fierce and menacing. Those waiting to cross had been told the story of the “parting of the Red Sea” forty years before; but few had experienced it.  Remember; the older generation who crossed the Red Sea died in the desert because of their unbelief.
God could have instructed Joshua to raise his staff and part the water; He had done it for Moses.  This time, however, He required Joshua to carry out a strange order.  Joshua was instructed to tell the priests who carried the ark to pick up it up and step into the turbulent water. (I wonder what the priests were thinking!) When their toes hit the water, it parted and they all walked through to the Promised Land.
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