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Jotting Judi - I’m still the Light

Posted by: tdt -

Twas just before Christmas in a small eastern town
The school day just started, with kids bustling round
The gunman came in and spoke not a word
The sound of bullets was all that was heard.

But up in heaven the gates opened wide
Twenty little children were ushered inside
They went straight ahead on a road paved with gold
Right toward the Savior, they marched strong and bold

His strong arms reached down, scooping them all
His voice was so gentle, “I’ll not let you fall
This is my heaven, you’re all safe with me
We’ll have Christmas together, just wait and see”

They snuggled real close, left the past far behind
Whatever happened, was erased from their mind
Looking around they couldn’t be sad
They were together, each girl and each lad

Twas just before Christmas and down on the earth
The parents were crying remembering each birth
The small town was filled with many sad mourners
They knew where to go—the church on the corner.

They filled up the churches one after another
They needed to be there with sisters and brothers
They bowed and they wept, few words were spoken
They gathered together, with hearts that were broken

Twas just before Christmas when Jesus looked down
His eyes did not miss the New England town
But in sorrow He covered His face with His hands
He uttered these words, “let my peace fill your land”

Twill soon be Christmas all over the earth
When Christians celebrate the dear Savior’s birth
It’s time to remember, in the darkest of nights
Jesus is saying, “I’m still the light.”

(Sunday we did a Christmas pageant at church called “Twas Christmas!” The poem was stuck in my head, and these words rolled out at 3:30 a.m., Monday morning.  Then, I saw a similar one on FB! Guess it is on more minds considering this tragedy and Christmas!)

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