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And yes Dalhart, there is a Santa Claus

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The anticipation built up all day at the Texan. In the contract between Santa Claus and Publisher Susan Clay to handle Santa’s letters this year, Clay drove a hard bargain for Santa to visit the Dalhart children at the Dalhart Texan office. Now, Santa’s schedule had long been set, but Clay held a firm line and Santa squeezed an extra visit in for the good little children of Dalhart.
“Why, I don’t think there is one child in the area that isn’t on Santa’s ‘good list,’” Mr. Claus proclaimed. Santa and Clay visited over sweet candy canes and bitter temperatures.  Santa even visited Hillside Christian Church across the street from the Texan and crashed a pizza party. “I’ve been on the Mayo Clinic diet,” stated Santa in preparation of all the carbs he will receive on Christmas Eve.
Just before Santa departed for his next visit, Clay asked him, “Santa, how do you get to all of those houses in one night?” Santa replied, “Now Susie, you know that’s magic and Old Saint Nick can make time stand still.” Clay again asked, “But how, Santa, how?” Santa answered her as he put his arm around her shoulder, “Susie, you have asked me that every year since you helped build that fence with your daddy the year you got the pony you had wanted for so long, you know it’s just the magic of the season.”

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