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Jotting Judi - Need an “orange cone” in your life?

Posted by: tdt -

Three men set out on a journey from Dalhart to Michigan to attend a funeral.  They prayed for God’s protection and asked others to pray for them also. Sometimes things happen and we attribute them to “just bad luck.”  In this case, running out of gas might really look like a stroke of bad luck.  
Standing beside their pickup, on a lonely section of road, they discussed the situation.  Out came the cell phones that each man carried! About that time, one of the men spotted a pickup, backing up towards them and, on the ground, right in front of their out-of-gas pickup, a bright orange construction cone. The passenger jumped from the pickup to retrieve the cone and a conversation began.  He was surprised to see them and admitted he did not see their pickup at first but was just seeking to get the cone that blew out of the pickup bed.
Gale shared their present predicament and asked if they knew anyone they could call for help.  “No need for that,” the driver stated.  “We drive trucks all over around here and always have a filled five gallon can of gas.”  Gale told him that before he started pouring gas in the truck, he wanted to pay him.  “No need for that,” the driver responded, “God takes care of his own, and I don’t want money.”  Still, Gale stuffed the money in his jacket pocket.  The man took it out, stuffed it back in Gale’s pocket and told him to use it to bless someone else.  After conversation and thanks, they went their way.
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