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Seniors and youngsters enjoy Easter egg hunt

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By Robin Scott


Coon Memorial Nursing Home held its annual Easter egg hunt on Thursday, April 9th. Children of employees of the home and hospital, as well as grandchildren of residents, were invited to hunt for hundreds of Easter eggs that had been filled with goodies by the residents of the home and the children that volunteer after school at the home.

The event began shortly after 4:00 PM. The residents viewed the hunt from inside the lobby area, while the children poured out into the courtyard. The little tykes ages six years and younger were assisted by parents, grandparents and friends, and children ages seven and older began their hunt with a race to the back fence of the courtyard. Within minutes, Easter baskets, zip lock baggies, pockets and even the hoods of hooded sweatshirts were overflowing with the brightly colored eggs.

Along with filled Easter eggs were wrapped candies in the colors of Easter. Several special eggs were also hidden that when found, meant a prize was waiting in a large basket. Eggs were discovered everywhere, from inside flowerpots, to hidden within rolled up garden hoses. Every child found more eggs than they could possibly carry.

Mrs. Betty Hayes, a resident of the home, commented, "We love getting the eggs together for the children. We enjoy having them here." As the children returned to he lobby, red faced and out of breath, they hugged and thanked the many residents that had watched the event. They happily showed their goodies to their benefactors. One excited child noted, "Wow, I got so many I can’t hold them all. They’re falling out of my shirt!"

Stevie Brewer, Director of Activities of the Nursing Home, coordinates the Easter egg hunt. She is assisted by Nancy Phillips, Andrew Sater and Larae Scott who are all activity aids, Mrs. Brewer stated that the residents did the majority of the work.

Also responsible for the success of the event was Mrs. Brandi Miller Director of Social Services. She was joined by her daughter, McKamie Miller who was dressed as the Easter Bunny. Mrs. Brewer’s 10-year old twins, Alex and Rhiannon and McKamie are all volunteers. Mrs. Brewer stated, "They come in every day after school and volunteer. They read to the residents, color pictures for them and with them, and they love to hand out the newspapers. They absolutely love the residents. It’s a real blessing for the kids and the residents."

The children volunteers and the residents prepared for the event all week before the hunt by stuffing eggs every day and even up until Thursday afternoon. Mrs. Brewer noted that 1,500 eggs were stuffed and scattered throughout the courtyard. She noted, "1,500 eggs is probably only about half of what we have done in the past, because we have had fewer volunteers this year, but are planning to increase it again next year."

Stuffing the eggs may have been more fun for the residents and children who volunteer than the children doing the egg hunting. Mrs. Brewer noted, "One group of residents stuffed eggs with the kids. The residents had a blast stuffing eggs and so did our kids."