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They wept by the small grave, and no one said a word

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It doesn’t matter who you are, where you live or what your social standing is, everyone has been affected by Domestic Violence. The law enforcement officer that answers the call for help, the emergency room staff that treats the injuries, the school staff that comforts the children, the minister that counsels the victim, the cashier that sees a mother return items to the shelf because she is short of money, the bag boy that takes out the groceries and notices bruises, the convenience store clerk that helps someone count change for gas, the supervisor that notices an employee is extremely tired every day or has no money for lunch even though the employee makes an above average wage. The list goes on and on and so do the beatings, the screaming, the fighting, the humiliation, the denigration, the feeling of imprisonment in a person’s own home and the deprivation of basic needs.
Many people stand by because they just don’t want to get involved and until the obituary appears in the paper and the eulogy is read at a small grave side service. Victims come in every size, shape, age, race, economic level and yes every sex. Domestic Violence knows no boundaries, it is, was it is, Violent. If a person chooses to stand by and simply watch, than don’t be surprised when the ultimate occurs…… dead is dead.
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