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Is Big Brother flexing their muscles over water?

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Farmers in the Texas Panhandle, stake their livelihoods on the cool, flowing waters of the country’s largest aquifer, the Ogallala. Stretching across eight states, the amount of water is so vast it has been speculated the aquifer could fill Lake Erie nine times over. The State of Texas alone accounts for about 40 percent of all water used from this natural resource.
The levels of the Ogallala are declining sharply. In a dry growing period like the last few years the strain on the precious resource is causing a constant decline in levels of the massive water source. The state water plan projects that the Ogallala’s volume will fall a staggering 52 percent between 2010 and 2060. Local corn and cotton producers continue to draw from the Ogallala’s reserve; with this in mind, the declining situation has called for an additional measures by the water districts.

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