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Mystery of the canyon cat

Posted by: tdt -


Is the fear warranted? We ask ourselves this question when it comes to more primal instincts, where our responses come before our cognitive processes.  Recently a Dalhart local spotted an unidentified cat out at Rita Blanca Canyon.  They were able to snap a photo of the elusive creature, but it held an air of the classic ‘mystery monster’ photos we often see when it comes to the Loch Ness Monster or Bigfoot.  In this case the observer believed it to be a cougar.
Uncertain due to the clarity of the photo, the Texan called in Dallam-Hartley Counties Game Warden Stewart Rogers to help identify the enigmatic feline.  Despite the initial confusion over just what kind of cat this was, the game warden instantly cleared up the controversy.
“It’s a bobcat,” he said matter of factly.  Still not convinced, the staff of the Texan asked for further explanation.
“Notice the short tail and long, pointed ears,” he elaborated while pointing to key characteristics in the photo.

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