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Where were you?

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Eleven years later

Thank you, SGT. Thomas Nicolas Piper USAF and SGT. Brandon Melton Morgan U.S. Army—my son-in-laws and the fathers of my grandchildren Presley and Huxley.


September 10, 2001 I slept in a very nice hotel in Reno not wanting to come home from my quick get-away. My children were at home with a relative and I knew I had to get back to my real life. We had fall baseball games that week, Friday Night Lights with two daughters that cheered and a son that played offensive line for the Brooks County High School Trojans. Our schools colors were red, white and blue, the colors we, as Americans treasure. I had no idea that my life, my neighbors’ lives and people I never knew would be turned upside down. That we would be forced to band together and to comfort each other and fight a war we had only heard rumors of, for years.
I remember very clearly where I was and what I was doing. I was returning from my trip and learned that we were not going to change planes and fly into  Tallahassee, Fl.  All planes had been grounded and the confusion and panic in the airport was like nothing I had ever seen. I had to rent a car and drive home from Atlanta; luckily when we landed, I called Sears from my Motorola Startac and used my credit card to book a car very quickly before all of the cars had been rented.  It was a black 2002 Ford Taurus.  I was listening to everything I could on the radio, rushing to return home to my children who were in high school and junior high. I didn’t want to stop and watch the events on television. I wanted to get home and tuck my chicks under my wings, I knew they would be safe with me and that I could protect them.

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