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Jotting Judi - Chocolate Cake Moments

Posted by: tdt -

I almost missed his call.  Looking at my phone I didn’t recognize the (972) number that showed twice on my cell phone.  Expecting a call from a repairman, I hurriedly re-dialed and heard the familiar voice of my grandson, Michael. “Hello grandma, are you going to be home anytime this evening?” He inquired.
“I’m home now I responded.” There was surprise in his voice as he continued by telling me he was standing on my front porch.  “Really!” I joked as I walked toward my front door. “So, if I open my front door you will be standing there?” I teased.  Sure enough, there he was! His 6’3” frame was hard to miss!  We stood face to face for a moment, each holding our cell phone and laughing.  This was an unexpected visit. He was on his way home from the first day of his new job and chose to stop by grandma’s house to make my day! It was a chocolate moment indeed.

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