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Crash sends one man to hospital

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By Robin Scott

A couple from Roy, New Mexico and a man from Dumas were involved in an accident on Thursday, April 9th. The Hartley County Sheriff’s Office, the Dalhart Police Department, the Dalhart Fire Department and EMS responded to the wreck involving two passenger vehicles at the intersection of Highway 281 and Highway 87.

Traffic continued to move as EMS personnel and Fire Chief Curtis Brown worked to remove Ahmedin Hassen from his Chevrolet Lumina. Mr. Hassen, a 34-year-old from Dumas, was transported by ambulance to Coon Memorial Hospital and treated for injuries.

Officers from the Dalhart Police Department directed traffic, which included the normally large amount of semi trucks that travel on Highway 87. Officer Eloy Duran, son of Josie Chavira

with EMS, took over the responsibility of gathering information from the drivers, including Ms. Elizabeth Martinez of Roy, New Mexico and Mr. Hassen. Paramedic Chavira assisted in getting Mr. Hassen removed from his vehicle and transferred to the ambulance then traveled with the injured patient to CMH.

Hartley County Sheriff Franky Scott and Deputy Randy Hooks assisted with traffic control and in the assessment of the scene. Both vehicles were inoperable after the wreck. Mr. Hassen’s vehicle was towed and removed from the roadway. Ms. Martinez was able to drive her vehicle from the intersection and off to the side of Highway 281 E.

As officers Patrick Yarbrough and James Webb directed traffic, a man driving a red Dodge quad cab pick up truck sped through the accident scene, ignoring a state law that requires all drivers to reduce their speed when an emergency vehicle is near the roadway. Officer Webb didn’t hesitate to jump into his squad car and drive after the pick up truck. Officer Webb stated, "I don’t think people realize just how dangerous these accident scenes are. They drive through them like they would if there was no accident, and in this scene there were six police vehicles, an ambulance and the fire chief’s vehicle, plus the two wrecked vehicles. I really want people to know to slow down and don’t hit one of us."

A witness at the scene, who was a passenger in Ms. Martinez’ Toyota Four Runner driving south on Highway 87 stated, "The guy pulled into the intersection and we thought, ‘Is he going to stop?’ but he just kept going and he never looked to see that traffic was there, and we hit him." The accident that began in the southbound lanes of S. Highway 87 ended up in the intersection and the northbound lanes of the highway.

Neither the driver nor passenger of the Four Runner reported any injuries. The passenger riding with Ms. Martinez stated that he was a former Sheriff of Harding County, New Mexico. When the red pick up whizzed by, he commented, "That has happened to me before when I worked an accident scene. It is so much more dangerous than people imagine."

As the scene began to calm down and Mr. Hassen had been transported to the hospital, Sheriff Scott and the former Sheriff of Harding County talked about the wreck. The former Sheriff stated, "We were on our way to Amarillo for an appointment. We are so glad we’re okay and the truck isn’t more damaged than it is."