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Silage truck destroyed by fire

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By Robin Scott

    A silage truck became engulfed in flames on Saturday, June 6th.  The fire that began at approximately 11:30 a.m. was confined to the trailer and occurred near CR O in Hartley. At the time of the fire, the silage truck was empty and not carrying a load.

    Flames shot several feet into the air and a thick black smoke was seen for miles.  Hartley Fire Chief Scott White stated, “The vehicle was completely engulfed by the time we arrived.”  Chief White also noted that the cause of the fire may have been due to a flat tire or a problem with the vehicle’s brakes, and noted, “The intensity of the fire makes its cause undetermined.”  The steel trailer’s melting point was approximately 2500 degrees Fahrenheit and most of the panels of the truck were burned through, leaving only a charred frame.

    Junior VanBeek, owner of VanBeek Trucking of Hartley, and owner of the silage truck commented about the fire and stated, “It just went up in smoke.”  He also noted that he believed, “It was the rough roads in the county that caused the fire.”  Chief White stated that no one was injured due to the fire or from the smoke.

    Dispatched to the scene with Chief White were Hartley firefighters Josh Albers, Scott Ford, Billy Vasquez, Clifton Miller and Jerome Jones.  Also on the scene was Deputy Penny Loudder with the Hartley County Sheriff’s Office.   Although the trailer was completely destroyed, the semi truck was drivable and removed from the scene.