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Bosell yard recieves makeover

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By Robin Scott

Last Christmas Linda and Stormy Bosell and their children moved into their new home at 1421 5th Street.  The new home was a part of the Hands and Feet of Christ project that was originally going to add on to the Bosell home.  Instead, their old home was bulldozed over and a new one built in its place.    

Recently, volunteers were back at the Bosell home, this time to give the Hillcrest Street side of the barren yard a makeover.  Dell and Gail Holmes graciously donated stone to the Hands and Feet of Christ project for landscaping the property.  A group of volunteers was able to move the stone on Friday evening, May 1st.  

Volunteers for the landscaping project included Dyke and Terry Rogers, Nick Martinez, Trevor Allen, Tim Alexander, Pastor John Hunter, Frank Baca and Allyn and Annette Melius.  Stormy Bosell also assisted and spread the gravel.

A beautiful patio and pathway were created with the stone.  The remaining gravel was sufficient to cover the former driveway to provide additional parking for the family vehicles.  A drip system was installed on the side of the house to provide efficient and low-maintenance irrigation.

Rainwater harvesting principles were utilized to catch roof run-off for the benefit of the plants.  Over 200 water-wise flora were planted.  Canyon’s Edge Nursery donated fifteen of the plants.  This year the foliage will be small, as 95 percent of them are perennials.  They will take a few years to reach maturity.  Many of the plants will attract butterflies and hummingbirds and bloom in many different colors from spring through fall.

Speer Electric will install an outlet to power a small covered fountain.   A three-person swing and a fire pit table were strategically placed to complete an outdoor retreat for relaxation and family campfires. While on vacation in Colorado, the Bosell family discovered wild blue flax and brought it back to add to the area between the water-wise trees they purchased.  More plants will be added to the area at a later time.  A two to four inch mulch cover was placed to reduce evaporation and weed growth.  The mulch is provided by the City of Dalhart to all of its residents at no cost.

Plans are in the works for landscaping the front and back yards and will include water-wise turf.  The Bosell’s have begun planting trees and shrubs, but much work is necessary to complete the project.

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