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Amber waves of grain

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By Judi Wiegman

Jim Turner from Dalhart Consumer reports that the first load of wheat has come in at the Hartley location.

Keith Crawford from Hartley delivered the first load on Monday.  It was 59.5 lbs. per bushel and 11.7 percent moisture.

Jim said, “Some dry land fields have probably been abandoned due to lack of rain.  We had good rain in September, but only three or four inches since then.”  He furthered stated that the irrigated wheat is looking good.

When asked about the effect of the April blizzard on the wheat crop, he offered this information, “The wind blew so hard that a lot of the snow blew off the wheat, so the damage was minimal. The snow ended up on the roadways and in ditches in large drifts.”

He is expecting the wheat trucks to come rolling in this week to both the Hartley and Dalhart locations.