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Happy trails (of sales) to you!

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By Judi Wiegman


     It’s all about Community! Up and down the streets cars and foot traffic could be seen as the 6th annual Trail of Sales got underway bright and early Saturday.  It is true that “the early bird gets the worm,” and er, the best buys of the day.

    It wasn’t long before the cool morning gave way to warmer temperatures coupled with a gusty Texas wind.  Many stopped their treasure hunting long enough to seek out a booth offering a long, cool drink of lemonade.

    The tantalizing smell of brats and dogs wafting from 7th Street Park brought in the hungry hunters.  Groups of people stood around chatting and sharing about the “catch of the day,” that they found some where along the trail.

    Spotted around town were young entrepreneurs eager to offer their homebrewed drinks and canned beverages.

    What were some of the “best finds?” One lady found a small stereo system perfect for her patio.  After a few more stops, she found a nice set of speakers to hook up to her first find!  That makes for Happy Trails.

    A little girl found her favorite movie, “Sound of Music” and, was beaming when she handed the clerk her very own dollar to pay for the treasure!

    Little Keera, satisfied with her “new toy,” enjoyed playing on the driveway while mom shopped some more.

    It did appear that there were plenty of shoppers out enjoying the day. The coffee shops were likely buzzing on Monday as treasure hunters shared stories of the loot they carried away, and the items they wished they would have bought!

    One of the best parts of this community wide event is seeing old friends and making new ones.  Community—it’s all about community!