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Cattle Tuberculosis confirmed in one West Texas dairy herd

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Cattle Tuberculosis confirmed in one West Texas dairy herd
By Bailey Naugle

    The Texas Animal Health Commission recently confirmed a case of cattle tuberculosis (TB) in one dairy herd of 2,600 head from West Texas.

    The exact location of the infected herd was not disclosed, but health officials assure that this case poses no risk to public health because the pasteurization process kills harmful bacteria in milk.

    The Commission reported that the disease was discovered when some of the cattle from the herd reacted to TB skin tests as they were being readied for sale in April. Preliminary blood tests on the animals were positive, so tissue samples from two of the cattle were submitted the National Veterinary Services Laboratory in Ames, Iowa for conclusive results.

    Carla Everett, information officer for the Texas Animal Health Commission, said, “The herd in West Texas is infected. We are continuing to conduct an epidemiological investigation to determine how the herd was infected, and if exposed animals were moved out of the herd.”

    Cattle TB is an infectious bacterial disease that causes internal irritations to the animal, and it can be spread from herd to herd if not detected and contained early.

    In late 2006, Texas achieved the desirable TB free status, which allows cattle to be transported from state to state without being tested for TB. A state’s TB free status is changed only after two cases of the disease are confirmed within a 48 month period, so despite the recently confirmed case, Texas will maintain a TB free status.

    Currently, all states in the United States hold a TB free status, with the exception of New Mexico, Minnesota and Michigan – which have split statuses – and California which lost its TB free status in September of 2008.

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