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Memorial rose garden blossoming at nursing home

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By Robin Scott

The Coon Memorial Nursing Home has begun a new project in the arboretum area of the home.  The project is the planting and upkeep of a memorial rose garden.  The first rose bush, a Sheer Magic hybrid tea rose, was donated and planted in honor of Opal Davis.  A rose garden was a long time dream of Mrs. Davis.  She made numerous requests throughout her stay at the home for a rose garden.  Unfortunately, she passed away before seeing the first bush planted.  
Stevie Brewer, activities director at CMNH stated, “The lone bush looks a little sad right now, but we are hopeful that many others will soon follow.”  Mrs. Davis thought that a rose garden could be enjoyed by the entire community and certainly all of the residents and employees of the nursing home.  Mrs. Davis’ rose bush has already sprouted some new growth.
Ms. Brewer stated, “We want to invite anyone that would like to donate a rose bush in honor of somebody to just bring it here to the home and we can plant it for them. There is only one little bush sticking up out of the ground next to a fence right now, so it’s nothing too exciting. It could be in time though, if we can get others to help us expand.”  The area set aside for the garden is large enough to accommodate many rose bushes and the dream is that the roses will extend the entire length of the property’s back fence and then continue around the side.  
Roses have been prominent in plant history from ancient times to the present. Fossilized rose petals that are estimated to be millions of years old have been discovered.  The Romans grew roses extensively and the beautiful flowers were cultivated in China and France in the 18th century and before. The rose flower is one of the most popular flowers in the world.  Their many colors, shapes, fragrances and longevity give them great popularity.  
A plaque will be placed near each rose bush donated in honor of an individual.  Ms. Brewer noted that she was still looking for a company to order a plaque for the rose bush for Mrs. Davis. Anyone desiring to donate a rose bush and add to the garden without any specific memoriam is encouraged to do so.  For more information on donating a rose bush in memory of a loved one, or just to be a part of the garden, contact Ms. Stevie Brewer at 244.9294.