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5th grade students get ready for junior high

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By Robin Scott

Dalhart Intermediate School 5th graders attended a junior high orientation on May 21st.  The orientation lasted most of the afternoon and students learned a great deal about what to expect this next school year.

Dalhart Junior High School is comprised of sixth, seventh and eight grade students.  Each incoming class of 6th graders was treated to a grand tour of the new school, which was once home to the high school.  The tour included meeting Principal John Machel and all of the teachers they will have next year.

The orientation began in the lunch area of the school.  Each student sat with their classmates and teacher from Dalhart Intermediate.  School counselor Kathryn Bassett coordinated the orientation and tour.  One student from Dalhart Christian Academy and 10 students from St. Anthony’s also attended.  Each of those students will be 7th graders next year.

At the end of their orientation and tour, the students had an opportunity to fill out a schedule for their sixth grade classes.  They also chose from a list of electives in band, music appreciation and art.  Many of the students spoke of their excitement at finally getting to take band in the upcoming year.

The Dalhart Junior High band performed for the 5th graders.  The arrangements they played had been a part of their concert on Tuesday, May 19th.  The students stated that their favorite part of the concert was the music from the movie, “The Dark Knight.”

One student stated that he felt a little scared of the new surroundings, and noted, “It’s so big and I am afraid I’m going to get lost.  

The lockers are neat though, and the shortest person has the lower locker and the taller person gets the one on top.  I hope I’m tallest.”  

Whether a student has a top or bottom locker, chooses band or art, the 2009/2010 school year is certain to be an enjoyable experience for the wide-eyed 5th grade students.