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Jotting Judi

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The Cradle and the Cross

There are two critical days that set Christianity apart from every other religion in the world; Christmas day and Easter. These two days mark the essence of our belief. Some have tried to take Christ out of Christmas and remove Him from the cross, but the truth is never completely silenced. Christianity remains as the only religion that places its trust in a baby boy, who was born of a virgin, died on a cross and rose again to cover the sin of the world. All other religions can point to a grave that contains the remains of their leader who did not rise again and made no promise to return to claim his followers!

I am thankful that my faith and trust is celebrated this Holy week as we remember the events that led to "an empty grave!"

I remember coloring eggs with my children. As we placed them in a nest, we talked about the newness of life represented in the egg. Years later, on a trip to Albania during Easter week, I learned that colored eggs had been part of their "tradition" for centuries. They used the egg to teach their children a lesson on the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Each part of the egg represented part of the Trinity. All the eggs were dyed red to represent His shed blood!

I vividly remember dressing my children in fresh Easter outfits. As I dressed them I told the Easter story and emphasized that Jesus left His grave clothes behind and rose triumphantly from the grave. It is important to teach children "why" we do certain things.

Is it important that He came as a baby to a virgin mother? Absolutely.

Is it important that He was beaten to suffer for our sickness and disease? Yes.

Is it important that He died for the sin of the entire world? Yes.

Is it important that He rose from the grave and lives? Absolutely.

Is it important that He PROMISED to come again and take us home? Yes.

Without these important truths, Christianity is nothing!