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Class of 2021 graduates at Dalhart High School

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By Robin Scott

Commencement ceremonies for the graduating class of 2021 were held at Dalhart High School on Thursday, May 28th.  One hundred and seventeen students, mostly six-year-olds, were honored.  The commencement is the first to be held at the new high school.

Students completing Kindergarten this year at Dalhart Elementary School will be seniors and graduating from high school in the year 2021.  What makes their commencement this year special is that they are the very first group of students to graduate at the new high school.  The ceremony was held in the auditorium to a standing room only crowd of parents, grandparents, teachers, friends and neighbors.

Ms. Jeana Hamilton, Music Teacher at Dalhart Elementary School coordinated the event.  In an interview last week she commented, “These Kindergartners will be the first kids to graduate at the new high school because the seniors at Dalhart High actually graduate at the football field.”  She noted that she believed that the kindergartners will value that memory.

The students performed for the audience before having their names announced.  They sang many songs that they had learned throughout the year.  They sang songs about counting, the alphabet and making friends.  Their grand finale was a song entitled “First Grade, First Grade” sang to the music of “New York, New York” and they sang it with gusto and a few side kicks.  Ms. Hamilton has worked diligently with the students all year and their hard work was clearly demonstrated during their performance.

Ms. Karen Taft, Principal at Dalhart Elementary School stated that she was very proud of all of her students and of Ms. Hamilton’s hard work in getting them ready for the ceremony.  She stated on Thursday, “Everyone graduates from Kindergarten!” indicating her excitement for the students.

Each child was dressed in Sunday best as they marched into the auditorium to “Pomp and Circumstance.”  A throng of parents were huddled around the stage in hopes of snapping the perfect photo.  One notable characteristic of the ceremony was how well-behaved the youngsters were.  They had a long period of waiting as each class took the stage, then sang many songs, and then each child patiently waited to hear their named called by their teacher, signifying their completion of Kindergarten.  They all did exceptionally well throughout the hour-long event.

In another twelve years, the students will march again to “Pomp and Circumstance” as they receive their high school diplomas.  Some of them will become musicians and play in the band, some will find sports the perfect medium for their talent, while others will excel in academics.  A few students will manage to juggle all.   At the end of Kindergarten, the future is wide open for every student.  In the coming years they will discover what their interests, skills and talents are.  Whatever path they follow, they’ll always have the memory of being the very first group of children to graduate at Dalhart High School.

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