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Auto thieves arrested and suspected narcotics dealer jailed

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By Robin Scott

On Tuesday, May 12th, just as lunch began, Lt. Darin Davis with the Dalhart Police Department was dispatched to the Sands Motel located on Highway 54 East.  A disturbance occurred at the motel regarding the unauthorized use of a motel room and the owner of the motel called police.  Lt. Davis met with motel owner and two of three suspects to determine if they had consent to be in the room.   One suspect fled the scene on foot. 

    Lt. Davis detained two suspects, one female and one male, that remained at the scene and called for assistance.  Dallam County Sheriff Bruce Scott, Lt. Mike Ford and Sgt. David Conner arrived at the scene to assist. Lt. Davis and Chief Deputy Kevin Martin went after the suspect on foot.  Anthony Gilbreath, a black male, age 50, was apprehended and taken to the Dalhart Police Department for questioning. 

    A Toyota Solara that the suspects had been driving was taken to the police department as well.  It was learned that the vehicle was stolen out of Amarillo.  Lt. Ford interviewed Gilbreath who admitted to driving the stolen vehicle from Amarillo to Dalhart.  Sgt. Clark with the Amarillo Police Department verified the vehicle was stolen and stated that Gilbreath is a known dope dealer in Amarillo.  Initially, all three suspects were placed on investigative holds at the request of Amarillo PD. 

    Sgt. Troy Thrash arrived at the police department with K-9 Maggie who searched the vehicle.  Maggie alerted on the vehicle and a useable amount of marijuana was recovered.  Drug paraphernalia was also recovered from the vehicle during the search.  Lt. Davis stated, “We believe that when Gilbreath fled the scene he may have been dumping drugs.”

    Gilbreath was arrested and charged with unauthorized use of a motor vehicle and bond was set in the amount of $5,000.00.  He was also charged with possession of marijuana and bond was set at $1,000.00.  The two other suspects were released without arrest.  Gilbreath remains in jail.